Welcome or Kalosorisate

Platos By NightYou have reached the homepage of Plato's Bar, o­ne of the most unique bars in the world, which is situated in the heart of old Nicosia town.

Nicosia itself, is an historical unique town being the melting pot of different cultures gone through Cyprus in the past, like the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Eleusinian, Turkish etc. O­ne can easily see the characteristics of different cultures blending together and forming the old Nicosia.

Plato's bar can offer you a crossection of the best beer, spirits and wine of the world. It has the richest bar o­n the island. Just ask the bartender ....... and you'll have it. And while you are sipping down and enjoying your favorite drink, suddenly ................... use your imagination.

So, since you are in Plato's street ....... Why don't you just come in and see around, you might understand what I am talking about.

WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may actually CAUSE pregnancy.